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Posted on 06-20-2017

Our New Albany Chiropractor Answers the Question, "Do Air Purifiers Help Asthma?" 

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the bronchi in the lungs. Patients experience symptoms like wheezing, coughing and chest tightness. Some patients with more severe cases may have episodes where their pulse oximetry drops to dangerous, life-threatening levels. We at 1st Choice Health and Wellness help patients to manage their asthma.

asthma attack

How Air Purifiers Can Help Your Allergies

Allergens like mold, dander and dust will cause an asthma flair-up. Whether your asthma was already bothering you or not, allergens will cause you to experience symptoms like wheezing and tightness due to airway restriction. The allergens cause excess inflammation that will make your symptoms worse and may even land you in the hospital, sometimes up to days at a time. Many people only have asthma symptoms as a result of allergens. 


The term microorganism classifies bacteria and viruses, although some scientists don't acknowledge viruses as a microorganism. Unfortunately, many patients who struggle with asthma also have immune system issues that make them more susceptible to developing an infection. Because you already have issues with your respiratory system, getting an infection is much worse for you. In some cases, you may experience issues with breathing that may be fatal when you develop an infection. The infection may hospitalize you and disrupt your entire life while someone without asthma may be able to go to work while having the bacterial or viral infection. 

Volatile Organic Compounds and Other Particulate Matter

Volatile organic compounds may be in the air in your home from your chimney, aerosol sprays, dry cleaned clothing and air fresheners, just to name a few. These carbon-containing particles cause both long and short-term health effects for everyone, but especially if you have asthma. They enter your body and irritate your airways and cause asthma flare-ups. You might wheeze or cough when you're exposed to them. If anyone smokes in your household, even if they're not smoking around you, the chemicals are still in the air. When you inhale them, they build up in your chest and cause you to experience asthma symptoms. Some of these particles have been known to increase your risk of lung cancer and certain other cancers. Developing lung cancer on top of your asthma may cause a number of complications.

Our Chiropractor's Recommendation for Asthmatics  

At 1st Choice Health & Wellness, we've teamed up with Austin Air to help our asthma patients reduce their symptoms and the number of flare-ups they have. An air purifier will eliminate many of the particles in the air inside of your home. You can buy various sizes to ensure you're effectively reducing the number of particles in the air that could lead to asthma symptoms and attacks. You can also opt for a unit that focuses on specific particles. For instance, if you're allergic to pet dander but don't want to part with Fluffy or Fido, Austin Air offers you the option of a purifier that rids your home of pet fur and dander. The company also has machines geared toward removing VOCs and harmful gases that cause you to experience issues with your asthma. Many people have allergic asthma, which means their asthma is triggered by allergens. Austin Air has specific units that focus on removing allergens in the air, which will reduce, and potentially eliminate, asthma attacks and asthma symptoms in your own home. 

Call Us Today To Schedule An Appointment!

1st Choice Health & Wellness, serving the New Albany IN area, has partnered with Austin Air to help our asthma patients. For assistance taking an all-natural approach to asthma relief, contact our office for an appointment by calling 812-945-4500.  

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