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2441 State Street #10 New Albany, IN 47150

Pro-Adjuster Treatments

The Pro-Adjuster Treatment System uses a computer controlled instrument to introduce a gentle mechanical force into your body. The Pro-Adjuster computer constantly measures the body's responses to this force through a system of sensors. Our state-of-the-art computer software captures and reports the data and our specialists analyze the results and determines a program that best fits your needs. 

At 1st Choice Health & Wellness, we can realign your spine painlessly without the "popping or twisting" that have been associated with manual chiropractic treatments in the past. The Pro-Adjuster Treatment System allows our professionals to assist patients with difficult cases like the post-surgical, elderly and physically fragile patients without using the "twisting and popping" from traditional manual adjustments.

If you would like to discuss the Pro-Adjuster Treatment System as a pressure free alternative to spinal adjustments contact 1st Choice Health & Wellness at 812-945-4500.

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