Welcome to 1st Choice Health & Wellness

Our bodies are designed to reflect our physical and nutritional health. We have built in systems that manage our physical health and function to maintain our body's overall well being. Issues of pain, discomfort and illness are often reflective of imbalances of these internal systems and the barriers we face.

At 1st Choice Health & Wellness we look for the hidden barriers that keep you from achieving your full potential. 1st Choice Health & Wellness offers a unique multidiscipline approach that combines chiropractic, nutritional counseling and physical therapy services for a comprenhensive approach to your health and wellness.

Our team of professionals listen first and foremost to your concerns then get to work identifying your specific barriers to acheiving and maintaining overall physical health and wellness. Once the barriers are identified we utilize our chiropractic, customized nutrition and physical therapy services to develop a program, manage your progress and eliminate the hidden barriers that limit your ability to live an active and healthy lifestyle.        

The moment you walk in the door of 1st Choice Health & Wellness you will be greeted by our friendly and professional office staff. Our office staff is dedicated to helping you any way they can and help you take your first steps towards improved health.

Contact 1st Choice Health & Wellness today to schedule an appointment to discuss the barriers you're facing to maintaining your physical health and wellness.